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Nonoka & Noel

Nonoka KIBE

•Kimi to Wonderland by Kana Watanabe ( Shueisha ) 15-year-old Nobara has been able to hear the voices of animals ever since a falling accident three years ...

Komiya Nonoka & Noel

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Nonoka enters a new high school and is drafted into the high-end and rather bizarre Student Council by a “cool beauty,” Nozomi. What will this mean for the ...


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That's all we get, and despite some moments where Shione seems happy Nonoka is working so hard to figure out what her issue is, Shione doesn't give her ...

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Nonoka Yugi

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Please don't break Nonoka

Amamiya Nonoka is a human that can see spirits. Because of the strange ability she posseses, she has no friends at school at all.

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Princess Army

Noel & Komiya Nonoka

Togawa Shione & Komiya Nonoka

There's little on Koushin in English, and most of the titles listed for him on mangaupdates.com are for hentai manga. Mikumari no Yami is more of a ...

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In a fit, Nonoka yells at Noel, telling her she never wants to see her again. Later, Nonoka is guilt-ridden when she realized that Noel wasn't the one that ...

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Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-bu 78 Page 9

Nonoka's Mother

Sora no Method

Bandai Visual Japan Sets ''Sora no Method' Anime BD Release Schedule, Cover

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(Suteki na Kareshi) by Kazune Kawahara ( Shueisha ) Nonoka has one romantic wish: to watch the New Year's Eve countdown with her boyfriend.

But this episode isn't primarily about Nonoka, our ostensible protagonist. It's mostly about Yuzuki, with a hearty helping of Koharu, whom hasn't had much ...

Loli Universe

Nonoka Furumiya Vector - Sora no Method

Aside from the primary Yuzuki/Nonoka-centric plot of this episode, I will say that I love seeing Shione with Noel. Shione is so cool and collected all the ...

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Custom Tailor Made Cosplay Costume Inspired by Nonoka Suwa from Sunny hill under the blue sky

Doll Star

Basara toujou n kurumi nonoka by KiriatsuDraya ...

Not just because I didn't feel like it was adequately explained why Shione did that about face, but because we come no closer to learning anything.

And not because her mother was a mean-spirited, fearful woman — precisely the opposite: she was as kind and loving a soul as one could ever hope to meet, ...

Nonoka Mamiya

Sakuya and Nonoka

The novels center on Yūto Kyōbashi, an illustrator for light novels who has a particular fetish for navels. He meets a 14-year-old cosplayer named Nonoka ...

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Princess Army

Sora no Method - Nonoka and Noel Sora, Awesome Anime, Manga Anime, Anime

Stella Glow Ending - Nonoka (English dub)

Noel & Komiya Nonoka

This week on Sora no Method we take a break from the Disc as Nonoka makes a visit to her mother's grave.

Noel is this strange and intriguing character that Nonoka met at an observatory back then who here, hasn't aged so there must be some supernatural element ...

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At the same time, we see how friendship can also make you vulnerable. By accepting Nonoka's friendship, Shione also opened herself ...


... says about trusting someone and how the act of believing in somebody opens you up to being hurt. Shione wasn't hostile towards Nonoka because she didn't ...

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14-sai to Illustrator (Light Novel)


Sora no Method - Noel & Komiya Nonoka Tapestry


La adaptación a Manga de Sora no Method en receso un mes por salud de su autora.

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luna-ainsworth: “((Sorry for reposting but this one of the many TAMB fan works I couldn't find the source of. If anyone knows, please tell me so that I can ...

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[PKFB-2016] Celestial Method - Shione and Nonoka Fight [Platinum Dubs]

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... she dropped it on the ground just seconds earlier? Come on, Sentai! Where is the continuity?! You can't just throw these impossible events in and expect ...

Nefarious Reviews

Stella Glow - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 60 - All Free Time Nonoka Conversation - YouTube

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I didn't say goodbye to u but u hurt me and left me on

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Sora no Method Episode 3 (10)

i loved this gal somehow

Kazune Kawahara

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Nonoka patched that hole, which was causing so much grief and pain, by essentially letting go of her life before her mother died, and moving forward as if ...

Doll Star Chapter 5 Page 14

Mitsuboshi Colors

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Nonoka Komiya (古宮 乃々香 Komiya Nonoka?)

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